Friday, January 20, 2012

Review Time!

I like products that work, are efficient, make life simpler, and most importantly save us money!  So...when I find things that fit into these categories, I like to share so others can enjoy too!

A little backstory...
I am pretty neurotic when it comes to photos and photo storage.  For example, I have all these great pictures on my iPhone.  Dustin gave me my newest iPhone the day before Tucker was born.  So...literally my pictures on this phone start at day # 1 of Tucker's life.  With that being said, it's always made me a little crazy that something is going to happen to my phone before I can back these up or have them printed.  Which is one the reasons I love Facebook and Instagram for picture sharing and storage.  That way if anything ever happens to our computer, phones, least they will always be there on a site and we can access them from anywhere.  Also, as much as I love how digital/technological everything is now when it comes to still makes me a little sad that lots of my pictures never get printed because of this reason.
That was the backstory.

One day I happened to stumble upon the Postal Pix app and I am SO glad I did.  It's an app designed specifically for the iPhone for printing pictures and then they mail them to your door!  It's awesome.  All different sizes of pictures available at great prices.  The quality of the pictures are great too.  The other cool thing is, if you choose to print any photos you've edited in Instagram they are printed in 4x4 squares and look sort of vintage, which I love!

Like this...

Another Instagram favorite hanging on the fridge now, thanks to Postal Pix

So...I ordered all the pictures that I hold near and dear to my heart, off of my phone, starting with Tucker's first days up until recently.  The app makes ordering super easy, very affordable, and delivered to my door within just a few days!  Now all those pictures I worried about losing are tucked away safely.  I don't know about you, but our pictures are some of our most prized possessions!  Here are a few of my favorites over the past 8 months of Tucker's life.  Enjoy :)

 Tucker's 2nd day in this world.

First time to the Beach.

First time to Pensacola...look at how little he was!

I could go on and on, but I'll stop now...those are some of my favorites so far though!

When I find things I enjoy, I love to I think I am going to make this review thing something I try and do weekly!  Be on the lookout, because you might just find something you really like! :)