Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Beach Time

We traveled down South again to Florida last week so Dustin could work some in the office and we could all have a little fun in the sun.  This was our first time back down since the weather is warm and Tucker was only a few months old last summer, so I was excited to see how Tucker would do in the water and on the beach!

He Loved it!
He liked digging too...
The beach, the pool, the waves, the sand...he loved it all!  I am glad too, because Dustin and I love the beach and it was so much fun watching him enjoy it so much :)

And when he wasn't in the water, he was trying to find a way to get back in!

We had so much FUN enjoying the warm weather, sunshine, and water.  I can't wait to take Tucker back to the beach many more times this year.  He is definitely our little beach bum! :)