Friday, July 13, 2012

Fourth of July 2012

For America's birthday we headed down South again to Florida.  Any chance we get to go down to the beach we take it!  Thankfully, since Dustin's job requires him to be there a lot we get the chance quite often!  We combined his work with a little holiday vacation for the Fourth.  So far...Tucker has spent every fourth of July of his life at the beach...this year being the second one :)  I hope we can make it a yearly tradition for Tucker!

We spent the Fourth and most of our time there with my Best friend from Florida, Alex and her little one, Lennon.  Our plan was to get the boys all dressed in their matching outfits and have a little photo session on the beach before dinner.  Let's just say that a photo session with a 13.5 month old and a 5 year old made for quite the challenge ;)  Dustin still got some great shots though and we had lots of fun running around chasing these guys around on the beach!

How cute are those outfits made by "Holli Sews Cute Boutique"?!  I love them!

We had a wonderful Fourth of July at the beach...filled with fun times with dear friends and family!  I am always so happy for the time we get to spend at the beach.

And of course, since Dustin was behind the camera we didn't get any family shots this year :(  I guess that's what I get for Dustin being such a good photographer!
I am thankful for this shot Dustin got...I will definitely treasure this one forever!  Even though we are in different states now I am blessed to have Alex as a best friend.  

I did take some with my iPhone too...
Tucker and Daddy having fun on the night of the 4th in Seacreast

And lastly...some comparisons from last year to this year!

4th of July last year and this year...look at the difference in ONE year!

As if I needed another realization of just how quickly time passes!  I am doing my Best to savor each and every tiny moment...because every day I realize just how fast our Tucker boy is growing!  We definitely treasure every day as a family of 3 and are so thankful for all of our blessings!  Hope everyone had a great Fourth of July!