Monday, February 6, 2012

Our Star of The Week

Gigi's Fabulous Kids' Fashion and Toys is a great children's clothing and toy store that my Dear friend, Alex, works at in Florida.  It is the cutest store located in Rosemary Beach, Florida and literally just a few steps away from the beach.  I've always loved Gigi's, but even more now that Tucker boy has came into my life :)  He has worn clothes from Gigi's since the day he was born!  They have awesome clothes, toys, and gifts for kids and babies!

They also have a blog...well actually it's called "the glob"!  How cute is that?  On the glob they feature "A Star of the Week"...and since we were in Florida this past week Tucker was chosen to be the star!  He had a mini fashion show where he tried on several outfits that I loved!  We dressed him up, took pictures of him, and even did a little interview where they asked me all sorts of fun questions about Tucker.  Looks like Tucker has become quite the celebrity...go ahead and see for yourself!

So...if you are ever in the Rosemary Beach area or find yourself on Highway 30A, be sure and stop by Gigi's Fabulous Kids' Fashion & Toys!  It's definitely worth checking out and you might even become somewhat of a Gigi's addict like me :)