Sunday, February 24, 2013

21 months

Tucker is now 21 months old...I wanted to do a "Tucker milestone" post since our last one was at 18 months and he won't have another check-up until 24 months.  So, I figured this would be a good in-between.

I don't have any physical stats, but mainly wanted to jot down everything he is saying and doing right now.  Remember this is like our I want to be able to look back and see all of these important moments!

millmew-mailman or when he sees a mail truck
baar-cereal bar
pop pop-popcorn
ongoose-orange juice
mew-cat, meow
woof woof-dog
cuh cuck-firetruck
choo choo
hat- for hats or any helmet
pap pap-pacifier
duck duck- for ducks, birds, pelicans, any flying animal that resembles a duck
sit sit-for highchair or when he wants to sit down
gangee- Granddaddy

Dustin thinks he could have a photographic memory!  He is very good at remembering things.  For example, when someone gives him a toy as a gift, he associates and remembers the person who gave it and says their name anytime he picks the toy up.  Also, he is very good with people and remembering their cars.  When we are driving down the road, he will see a car that looks like Dustin's and will say "dada".  Seriously, Dustin has an fj-cruiser...we see an fj-cruiser, maybe not even the same color as Dustin's, and he says "dada".  It's hilarious!

He also says tells "tell me" "tell me" all the time!  This means he wants you to tell him what something is or who someone is.  It also implies, that he wants us to show him what something is.
He also has recently started taking mine or Dustin's hand and leading us to places or certain things when he wants something.
Right now, he has also started to mimic reading.  He will get a book and in his own jabber, will pretend that he is reading.  So cute!  I also hear him singing sometimes.  He will be walking around saying "lala" or "bababa" with a little tune.  He is still loving to read...we read lots of books daily!
We have also started helping him recognize colors.  The only ones he says so far are red and green.  And for now, he thinks everything is "ree" or red!

He is still eating very well and snacks a bunch too!  Still going to sleep around 7 and sleeping til 7 in the mornings with a long afternoon nap from 12-2.  In this past week, he now has a 2 yr. molar...sigh.

Tucker is still loving being outside!  And with a few glimpses of Spring weather this week, we enjoyed a lot of time outside.  We take long strolls around our block and he can't get enough of the swing in our yard.  He will stop and play in any puddles of water and throw sticks and rocks into the water.  The boy loves mud too!  Recently, he has started playing on the iPad too and getting good with puzzles.

A couple of recent videos...

I cannot believe all of the things he is learning every day.  Literally, it is something new every day.  He never ceases to amaze us.  We are fascinated with how smart he is!  We are also loving seeing the person that he is becoming and are so proud of him :)  I cannot believe we will be celebrating a 2nd birthday just a few short months from now.  Oh how quickly this time is passing...we are doing our best to savor every precious moment!  We are blessed beyond words to get to share every day with this amazing little one.  We love you Tucker boy!!!