Monday, January 30, 2012

Eight Months

My Sweet Tucker,
You are a little over eight months now.  By the way, the days of getting you to lie on your back on your blanket for our monthly photo session are over!  I couldn't get you to lay still on your blanket for more than just a few seconds :)

You are so active now and so full of energy!  You are all over the place...crawling, standing, pulling up, are a busy, busy boy!  You love pulling up and standing on anything.  You also enjoy pulling things down off of tables, out of baskets, and always exploring trying to discover something new to get into.  You have recently started to dislike having your diaper changed, probably because you are so busy and don't like to slow down at all!  We are enjoying every minute of you and are having a blast trying to keep up with you!

You are still loving your food!  We have recently started adding some textures into your purees.  So far..your favorite is still Zucchini with some little pastas added to it.  Mashed sweet potatoes are definitely a close second!  You are still drinking 6-8 oz. bottles and eating solids just at lunch and dinner, since Dr. Stone wanted us to wait and add the 3rd meal after your nine month visit.  You are really enjoying feeding yourself super puffs now too!  You look so proud picking them up and pushing them into your mouth :)
Sleeping is still going good too.  I rock you to sleep around 7pm. and you sleep usually til' around 6 am...although it has been a little earlier in the past few weeks.  You seem to be enjoying sleeping in your crib and rolling all over the place throughout the night!

Your little personality is shining more and more everyday.  It's amazing watching you grow and develop.  You laugh ALL the time.  You love to laugh!  Daddy and I love watching you laugh.  Your laugh is hysterical!  You wake us up every morning with your smile and that is such a Delight to wake up to each day.  We are beyond blessed to have you in our lives and are SO thankful for you!  I can't believe another month has come and gone...We Love you Tucker boy :)