Sunday, January 20, 2013

This January

The weather here in Birmingham has been crazy lately!  It feels like it has been raining and no sunshine for months hasn't been months, but really did rain for almost 2 weeks straight.  We have been cooped up indoors for awhile now...we had one not so rainy day last Saturday, so we headed to Irondale Cafe and enjoyed lunch and some "choo choo" trains.  

After naptime, Tucker and I made a stop by one of the park playgrounds, before heading to the grocery store.  We definitely took advantage of no rain that Saturday!

Our sweet boy loves a good playground...

Then a few days later...IT SNOWED!  

I told you we were having some Crazy weather here in Alabama.  We went from days of rain to then a little snow storm!  Tucker and I played out in it for a bit...all he really wanted to do with the snow was throw it.

We enjoyed Tucker's first snow, even though it didn't last very long and melted after just one day!

And after the snow we had...the weather has been Beautiful...high 50's and 60's during the day with lots of sunshine!  We have been enjoying being outdoors, especially Tucker boy!

He enjoys strolling around our neighborhood and throwing rocks, sticks, pinecones etc...into any puddle of water we come across.

He loves "fishing" in the neighborhood ditches too.  He likes all the BOY, mud, sticks, and dirt.  He could literally sit there for hours and pretend to "fish" is the cutest thing ever.  

And when we aren't outside "fishing"...Tucker is inside finding lots of ways to make Rusty useful :)