Thursday, November 8, 2012

Happy Halloween...

We celebrated Tucker's 2nd Halloween with a pretty low key, family day.  

Starting off the day with the annual Halloween parade at Tucker's school...
 We had a pretty cute "one-eyed monster"

And there's the one-eyed monster making his debut in the parade :) 

After the parade, nap time, and some dinner...we did a little trick or treating around our neighborhood.  Of course, Tucker still hasn't quite figured out the whole concept yet...but he enjoyed seeing neighbors, riding in his wagon, and a lollipop!

We had a very fun Halloween as a family and are excited to kick off the Holiday season!
And look at the difference in just 1 short year...
Can you believe how big our little lambie has grown?!  If I must say though, he has grown into the cutest "not so scary" monster I've ever seen! :)