Monday, June 25, 2012

Tucker's first Haircut

We took Tucker for his first haircut this past weekend.  I put this off for awhile...and then Tucker's hair was so long I couldn't even get it to stay parted over to one side anymore.  His hair looked shaggy, which is a great look too, but we just felt it was time.  I didn't really know how he was going to react to this new adventure, but like everything else so far he did great and was so patient!  

A lollipop helped out too!
He just enjoyed his lollipop, maybe even 2 or 3 and held mama's hand :)
We took him to an old-fashioned barber shop close by in Mountain Brook Village...
Mark, the barber, was awesome and was so sweet to Tucker!
Trying so hard to be still...
He did so great!  

Look at our little BOY...not the tiny baby we brought home just 13 months ago! Sigh...

Proud daddy and mama with Tucker boy and his new haircut :)
And there he is!  So big and proud...I think I might go cry now, because he is growing up Too fast!

So there we have it and once again, I'm so glad we were able to document another first for Tucker!  Sorry for the picture overload...but like I said in the beginning I am using this as a sort of online scrapbook!  I still can't believe our baby is old enough for his first haircut, but he looks SO adorable! :)