Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day

Hope you all had a great V'day and experienced lots of love...we sure did over here!  It was a great day and Tucker's First Valentine's day :)

With it being Tucker's first Valentine's day, I had to make sure he gave his friends at school some special Valentines.  I will start off by saying I consider myself crafty...well I definitely try to be and want to be crafty!  This is the deal though...I am pretty good at making the crafts, just not so great at coming up with the cute ideas.  Dustin tries to say I'm not as "creative" as I can be.  No, I enjoy being creative...I just need a little help inspiration sometimes!  With that being said, Pinterest was pretty much made for people like me!  It's great, I love it, and I get lots of great ideas.  Pinterest helped me come up with some great Valentines for the kiddos in Tucker's class!
Dustin, the creative one, helped me make the stickers in Photoshop.
How cute are these?  "I Dig You-Love, Tucker V."
Get it?  "Dig", because it's a shovel!  

Every holiday I definitely take advantage of having an excuse to make things for Tucker's teachers.  If I could, I would make them something every week!  His sweet teachers are Amazing women, who I could never thank enough for taking such great care of our baby boy and loving him so much!  
Ms. Wanda, Ms. Mary Beth, and Ms. Nicole received Red Velvet cupcakes with cream cheese icing from Tucker Boy!

I left Dustin a card and some of his favorite candy on his desk as a little surprise when he started working that morning.  My card and candy I left for him were nothing compared to what he made for me!  We had already decided we weren't going to buy each other gifts this year.  I came home from work to find this from my Valentine...
He took the lyrics to "our" song, which we had our first dance to at our wedding, and made a beautiful piece of art for me!  
Our song is, "Be Mine" by David Gray. Very fitting for such an awesome Valentine's gift, huh?
I will cherish this gift forever!  It is so special, I love it!
Like I said before, he's the creative one :)

I am so very thankful for my two Valentines, Dustin and Tucker.  They are my world.  I hope that I can show them every day of the year how much I love them and how much their love means to me!