Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Highlights

2012, you were great!  I made a resolution to start blogging and I did it!  A lot of wonderful things happened in just 1 short year...Tucker has grown and changed SO much.  Looking back it's crazy how much has changed in Tucker's life in just 12 months....

January- Tucker moved from the cradle, in our room, to his crib in his own room! 
              Tucker had his baby dedication and by the end of the month was pulling up

February- We traveled to Florida for Abbie and John Wesley's engagement party
                We celebrated Tucker's first Valentine's Day!

March- Tucker moved up to a new class at school and said goodbye to the Babybird room
             As a family we enjoyed Spring very much together!
             Loved going to the beach too :)

April- This was a big milestone month...Tucker took his FIRST STEPS!

May- Celebrated my first Mother's Day and it was such a sweet day :)
         Tucker turns ONE!

June- Tucker's first Vann family vacation
          First haircut

July- We celebrated the Fourth of July at the beach this year

August- New school year which meant another new class for Tucker

September- Pretty low key month...just some updates from my iPhone pictures 

October- Loving all that Fall has to offer
              Happy Halloween!

November- More iPhone pictures
                  We also spent Thanksgiving at the beach, which I did not blog about :( but it was fun!

December- Little one turned 18 months
                  Had our first trip to the North Pole Express
                 Celebrated a very Merry Christmas, Tucker's 2nd Christmas

Like I said before, 2012 was great.  We are BLESSED beyond words and I am so thankful for each day we get to spend together as a family!  I can't wait to see what 2013 has in store for our family of three, I know it will be awesome.  Thanks to all of my readers for helping my little dream of becoming a blogger this year come true :)  Hope everyone has a wonderful New Years!