Saturday, January 28, 2012

Man's Best Friend

This is the story of Tucker and Rusty...

Rusty is our 9 year old Weimaraner.  I bought Rusty for Dustin as a Christmas present the first year we started dating, our senior year in high school...well actually my Granny bought him, because I didn't have any money back then!  He has literally been mine and Dustin's baby since then.  Rusty has been with us everywhere.  All of our moves, every house we've lived in, and a part of our lives since Dustin and I have been together!

Rusty has always been the center of our needless to say once we had Tucker, we knew things would be different for him.  We didn't know how he would respond once we brought Tucker home, because he is so high energy and gets so excited!  Much to our surprise, Rusty pretty much ignored Tucker.  He really paid him no attention at all, maybe because he knew he was now going to be THE baby of the house.

We almost had to force Rusty to acknowledge Tucker in the beginning...and showing Tucker any sign of affection/attention was out of the question!  Can we say jealous?!
As the days went on though, Rusty came to accept that Tucker was going to be living with us and we explained to him over and over that they are brothers. 
Also, as the days went on, Tucker became more alert and started having play time, rolling over, and becoming more active and Rusty was right there watching him learn and grow.

Tucker then started to crawl, roll, and even roll into Rusty.

Rusty, who we sometimes refer to as Eeyore, will occasionally moan and if he could talk, would probably be saying, "Oh bother.."
Just look at his face, don't you think that's what he would say?!

Tucker, on the other hand, LOVES Rusty!  Seriously, he cannot get enough of him.  Now that is he is crawling, he follows Rusty all over this house.  He just laughs, smiles, and makes all kinds of noises trying to talk to Rusty.   When Tucker first started to laugh, Rusty was the one who made him laugh the most!  You would think Rusty is the funniest thing ever!  

So now that Tucker is pulling up on Everything, this includes Rusty.  Rusty is not a very big fan of this...I try to tell him though that Tucker is learning and he needs to be patient with him.  We'll see how well he listens.  

For now though, Rusty is slowly starting to love Tucker more and more every day that goes by and Tucker thinks Rusty is the greatest and funniest thing he has ever seen!   I'm sure as time goes by and Tucker begins to drop more food on the floor Rusty will feel the same way!