Sunday, February 5, 2012

Family Travels...

Tucker, Dustin, and I traveled down South to Florida this past week.  Dustin works from home, but for a company based out of Florida, so he has to travel down there often for meetings and things like that.  Tucker and I try to tag along too if we can!  Dustin's aunt, uncle, and cousins live there and after living down there for almost 3 years we made some great friends we love to visit whenever we can! :)  Tucker did great traveling and we were so thankful for that.  He really is the happiest baby I know and content pretty much anywhere we go!  I am constantly reminded of how blessed we are with such a good baby!

On the drive down...

As soon as we got to Aunt Vicki's house, "Cousin" Maggie started to entertain Tucker.  Here she is reading to him.  Tucker loved playing with her!

They have a playground in their neighborhood, so I was able to take Tucker to swing for the first time.  He loved it!  We went more than once, because he Loved it so much.  He could not stop laughing.  It was so much fun watching him!
I love that Maggie is in this one too, because she enjoyed watching him as much as I did :)
Different day, but just as excited as the first time!
And below, is a video of him laughing away and having so much fun!

On Saturday we made our way to Andalusia for Abbie's (our cousin) engagement party.  We loaded up the car on Saturday morning and we made the 2 hour drive...again Tucker was a champ and did great in the car.  The party was at John Wesley's house, Abbie's fiance'.  His mother's house happens to be the second oldest house in Andalusia and it was so cool!  It had so much character and it was Huge!  It's crazy how big houses used to be and how tall the ceilings were.  This house had 14 foot ceilings throughout, even upstairs.  I love old houses...I would take an old house with all that charm over a new house any day :)  I'm so glad we were able to make it to the party and to celebrate the engagement of Abbie and John Wesley.
Eating dinner in the 2nd oldest house in Andalusia
On the drive home today.

After 5 days of being away from home, we are glad to back.  Tucker was also very happy to see Rusty :) We definitely enjoyed some sunny days in Florida and getting to see some people that are very special to us.  I am very thankful for the relationships we made while living down there.  I look forward to taking Tucker back down to the beach often, especially this summer!

PS- I felt I needed a little pick me up after all that driving so I turned to Pinterest when we got home and made this...
It is a layer of cookie dough, layer of oreos, and then covered with brownie batter!  What am I thinking?!