Friday, March 16, 2012


As I walked to the car tonight, to go pick up some Chinese takeout...the smell of fresh cut grass inspired my post.  I love that smell of fresh cut grass and I love Spring!  Spring means Summer is getting closer and I Love Summer, even more than I love Spring.  We have definitely been enjoying the season around here.  It's the first time in Tucker's life where he is old enough and aware now to enjoy the nice, warm, we've been spending lots of time outside!
We are lucky enough to have horses right across the street from us so we visit them often

One of mine and Tucker's favorite things to do is stroll around our neighborhood.  He loves riding and I get some exercise pushing him along...
Clapping because he was so excited to go for a walk!
Complete with an SPF sunhat from Gigi's and Colorscience powder sunscreen :)
(Keep that Sunscreen on's part of my job to tell ya'll this since I do work in Dermatology and it'll save your life)
And when we are inside, he wants to be out.  This is him watching Dada cut the grass

We also spend a lot of time swinging, or Tucker does, I mainly push him.  He loves it!  And can't get enough!  Last weekend, I went to a local consignment sale at one of the larger churches and got some really great deals.  While I was there, I found a swing for 8 bucks!  Dustin and I were really excited, because it's a lot easier to just walk out the front door than to have to drive to the park every time we want to take Tucker to swing...he's pretty excited too!
Loves it!

In other news...Tucker really likes seeing new people and socializing especially while we are out shopping.  He will sit in the cart and laugh, smile, and babble at all the people we see.  It's funny how many people talk to you when you have a little one with you :)
Here he is enjoying grocery shopping!

We are also doing a lot of reading and loving books!  We read this one at least a couple of times a day and Tucker just laughs and smiles...he never gets tired of this book...
Look who's face that is in the center :)  Maybe that's why he loves it so much!

Lastly, we had an Easter mini session with a photographer complete with live baby chicks.  Tucker was hilarious with them!  He was so excited and might have tried to squeeze one a little too hard!  Our boy loves animals and loves the outdoors that's for sure!  I'll leave you guys with a sneak peek into our Easter session...more pictures of Tucker with the baby chicks soon :)