Saturday, June 2, 2012

Weekend Fun!

We have had a great start to our weekend and it's only Saurday!
We started off with a Friday night dinner at a local Italian place here close to our house...
Dustin and I had Calzones and Stramboli while this little guy had Ziti with Alfredo sauce.  It was delicious!

Then, in honor of "National Doughnut Day", we headed to Krispy Kreme to get Hot doughnuts.
This was Dustin's idea and I was thrilled when he mentioned it!  
This was Tucker's first trip to Krsipy Kreme, as well as his first time to eat a Doughnut!
Our local Krispy Kreme has an open area for everyone to see all of those yummy doughnuts being freshly made...

So..our plan was to just go and get a dozen, hot, glazed know the traditional one everyone orders when they go to Krispy Kreme.  How can anyone resist ordering the "hot now" ones?!
When we got to the counter though, in honor of National Doughnut day every customer was treated to a Free doughnut of their choice!  Ya'll I am a sucker for Doughnuts, if you can't tell ;)

Tucker did enjoy his first doughnut...well the first few bites and then he was finished.  He likes a few bites of sweets, but then he is done.  Unlike his mother...I cannot stop once I start!

Glad we could capture another "first" for him...and on National Doughnut Day too :)

We finished Friday night with letting Tucker visit the ducks and geese at Star Lake.

Today...we attended Parker's 3rd birthday party, it was at the Railroad Museum.  It was lots of fun!  
We enjoyed an hour long train ride complete with real conductors, loud train whistles, etc...followed by bar-b-q and birthday cake!

Tucker had a great day...running around and taking in all sorts of new sites and things!

We have had a wonderful start to our weekend!  Now...I must go and finish off the doughnuts! :)