Thursday, August 9, 2012

School Days...

Summer is ending and a new school year is starting already.  Tucker had his first day in his new class for this year on Tuesday!  His school closes for a week in August for staff training and then all the kids move up in their classes when they return from the week break.  The school/daycare he attends is very official and well organized and we Love it!  We attended orientation a few weeks ago and we went to meet his new teachers, toured his new classroom, and went through all the objectives/curriculum with all of the other parents and Tucker's school friends.

We learned that in his new class, there would be no more cribs and that he would be sleeping on a cot with his very own nap mat...I cannot believe our baby is old enough to be sleeping on a nap mat!  The teacher also explained that Tucker would be learning a lot more independence this year and even push his own chair to circle time each day!  What?!  He doesn't need to learn to be independent, that's what I am here for, right?!  :)  Kidding, but it just another reminder that our little one is growing up Way too quickly!

Of course, it is taking Tucker a little time getting used to another new class and new teachers...mainly during morning drop off time, which makes the start of our day a little sad.  Just another transition time which will soon pass and by the time I am down the hall he is playing with his friends and happy as can be!  It will be great to see all the new things he learns this year!

We sent bags of "Lucky Charms" to his new classmates on the first day!

And there he is, our Tucker boy all ready for his first day in his new classroom...I LOVE him :)