Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ten Months

My sweet Tucker,
Ten months!  I cannot believe time has passed by this quickly...we love watching you grow every day, but at the same time I wish time would slow down!
You are still a very busy boy and all over the place.  You are still not quite walking yet, but crawl SO fast! It's hard for me to keep up with where you are sometimes, because you move so quickly!  You walk around holding onto things, not wanting to let go just yet.  I know it will be soon though.  You are still loving being outside, it's definitely your favorite place to be.  Swinging, strolling, or riding on your new love it all.  We recently hung a swing for you in the front yard and you LOVE it.  You cannot get enough of that swing!  You have recently started clapping more too and when you are swinging high you will start to clap, it's so cute.  Besides clapping, you have also learned to point at people and things.  It's amazing how much you are learning.  Your newest discovery that you really enjoy now is music.  Even if it just one of your toys that plays music, when it comes on you will start to rock back and forth and when you are standing you will move both feet back and forth almost like you are marching to the beat.  Daddy and I think it is so funny and love watching you do this :)
You are still a great eater.  You will try anything and there are very few things that you dislike.  You are now eating anything we do, just smaller pieces...which has definitely made us eat even more healthy.  It is so much fun introducing you to new foods.  Your diet consists of lots of fruits and veggies.  We have also starting introducing a sippy cup with your meals filled with water.  You are doing a great job learning to drink from it...still eating around 5 bottles a day as well.  I still rock you to sleep every night around 7 PM and you sleep til' 6 AM.
Your personality shines more and more every day.  You are such an active, playful little boy, but also so sweet and love to hug, be cuddled, and held.  If I lay down with you to take a nap, when you wake up I will lay there with my eyes closed so you think I am still will wake me up by putting your face on top of mine so we are cheek to cheek.  It is the sweetest, most genuine sign of affection.  You are such a loving baby.  You are so funny too and keep me and Daddy laughing constantly.  You love to laugh and smile...still the happiest baby we know :)  You have recently started blowing on mine and daddy's faces to make funny noises with your mouth and you think it is the funniest thing ever, so do's hilarious!  We are still in awe that you are ours and that we have the privilege of spending every day with you.  You bring so much joy and happiness to each of us daily and you make life so much fun. We are so thankful for you Tucker boy and love you beyond words!