Friday, July 19, 2013

Happy Fourth of July!

We had a great Fourth of July...

filled with BBQ...

Homemade Blackberry cobbler...

made with Blackberries picked a few miles from our house...


Family and fireworks!

We enjoyed the fireworks here at the Hoover Met's "Freedom Fest".  Tucker was amazed and kept saying "wow".  It was a rainy fourth this year, but it was a great one!   Hope you all had a wonderful holiday too :)

Monday, July 15, 2013

2 years

So...I'm a little late with my Tucker milestone post, but wanted to document his 24 month checkup and all of the things he is doing.  We did visit Dr. Stone a little over a month ago, but better late than never! 

Weight: 27.4 pounds

Height: 34.2 inches

Tucker is in the 40th percentile for both height and weight.  Our boy is also holding strong with 90th percentile for head size! :) 20.25 I've told ya'll before, that sweet head is housing a big brain!

Wow...I can't even list all of his words.  He can basically say anything now!  He will try and repeat anything you ask him too.  He's recently starting fragments/sentences which is adorable.  His most common ones are:

"Pay outside"- play outside
"Mama coming"
"Daddy coming"
"Hey mama"
"daddy's mon truck"-how he describes Dustin's car...he thinks it's a monster truck.
"wake up daddy"
"good night"
"mama hope"-mama help

When he wants more of something he'll now say what it is he wants, like "more peach".   He is also starting to really sing songs.  His favorite is "tinkle tinkle little staar".  He loves to say the blessing before we eat meals and if we forget, he'll hold out his hand for you and say "amen amen?"  I also sneezed a couple of days ago and from the backseat of the car I heard, "Bess you mama".  He also has learned random body parts like, "aum pit hair" and "eyebrow".  I can't believe how much he is talking now.  I love it and can pretty much carry on a conversation with him now and know what he is talking about.  I'll ask him, "what did you do at school today?" and he'll say "pay"(play) or "cuhcle time"(circle time).

Eat:  We still have quite the eater.  There is not much food he refuses.  In fact, I can only think of a couple of things he doesn't like...Cantaloupe, Honeydew Melon, deli meat, and avocados.  He loves fruits and vegetables!  He ate 2 peaches tonight and still wanted more!  :)  So thankful that Tucker is a foodie!

Play:  Our den is filled with trucks, cars, tractors, diggers, and more trucks!  He still LOVES being outside and since Summer is here loves swimming.  We have a small kiddie pool in our yard and he is in and out of it all day long.  Daddy takes him on nature hikes and to the train tracks that are really close by to watch the choo choos.  He still loves reading too and definitely is much more interested in television now.  He very much enjoys these educational videos about monster trucks, firetrucks, helicopters, and boats.  And remember the scooter he got for his birthday...check him out!

Scooting and chewing his bubble gum :)

We have also easing into using the potty.  He tells me when he wants to go, at least 2 times a day when we are home together.  He has figured out about "potty treats" he goes and then gets some M&M's or Gummy Bears.  He is doing great!  We are in no rush for full blown potty training yet though!  I'm just going to let him do his thing and I'm sure we'll get there one day.

Sleeping: Tucker still loves his sleep, thankfully! :)  He goes down between 7:00-8:00, depending on our day and if it is a school night, and sleeps til 7-7:30 AM.  He is doing one long nap usually from about 12:30-3.  He has had to do some adjusting since starting his new MDO program with nap time, but he is doing great!

Tucker keeps Dustin and I laughing all day long!  This age is SO much fun and he is constantly learning something new.  He also says the cutest and funniest things now too!  Like I've said before, we feel incredibly blessed to be spending our days with our Tucker boy...and now he is 2!

Here on his Plasma car, his birthday gift from Gee Gee...when did he get SO big?!