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One thing about change, is that more often than not, I dislike it.  In certain areas of life, for sure change is a good thing...but my theory is that when something is good, why change it?! For example, I'm one of those people who will order the same thing every time I go to a restaurant if I love it.  Silently, in my mind, while looking over the menu I think..."but you know what you order here is good, why change it?"
Unfortunately, change is part of life and it is inevitable...which leads me to this blog post.

Tucker has been attending daycare or school (as we like to refer to it) since he was 12 weeks old.  If I would've been blogging back then, you would have heard all about it, because it was SO hard for me to leave him!  This tiny baby had been with me every minute of his life since he was born and then I just had to leave him with someone I didn't even was devastating, I was an emotional wreck!
He has been in the "Babybird" class for 6 months now.  His teachers are incredible in there.  Literally, I can not put into words how amazing those women are.  Since dropping him off that first day, they have taken such great care of Tucker...better than I could've ever asked for!  Granted..I did call every day for the first 3 months haha!  I have taken Tucker into his class every Tuesday and Thursday for 6 months now and he never looks back.  I put him down and off he goes to play with friends and love on Ms. Wanda :)
His first day as a "babybird" and his family tree that hung in his crib at school.
I snapped this on the second day I dropped him off as a tiny baby...he loves Ms. Wanda!
Halloween and Thanksgiving parties at school :)

So...when I found a letter in his cubby 3 weeks ago informing Dustin and I that he would be changing classes, I was sad.  He was no longer going to be a "Baby Bird".  I remained calm and decided to embrace this change and not become an emotional wreck.  Dustin said, "Steph, it's part of life and this will be the first change of many for him in life".  I agreed...but really was thinking whatever I'll just deal with it when the day comes which would be a week later :)
His first day in his new class.
And the day came... last Thursday.  Dustin and I told Tucker the night before all about his new class.  We also told him that some of his friends in his class would be moving up to the new class too!  We walked into the new class and I sat Tucker down like I always do so that I can go and unpack his lunchbox and put all of his food, bottles, etc. in the refrigerator.  And it happened...Tucker boy took one good, long look around this classroom and freaked out!  He crawled as fast as he could back to me and grabbed onto my leg.  My heart sunk!  I carried him around while I finished doing what I needed to do and then we walked over to the play area where his friends were.  I sat him down calmly to show him some toys and try to distract him by playing.  That didn't work.  I picked him up again, at which point I knew I had to go.  I walked over to one of his new teachers and passed him on.  He cried and then I cried at which point I basically ran out of the room!  It was awful!  Dustin picked him up early and even stayed to have music with the class and Tucker was just fine.  So then Tuesday rolls around...essentially the same thing happened when I dropped him off, except this time I looked back and saw him screaming, crying, and doing everything he could to get to me.  My heart was broken.  I cried the whole way to work again...
I know this is only a temporary thing.  I also, know that he is older now and much more aware of new places, people, and that I am leaving him.  I know he will become used to his new class, his new teachers and soon love it.  With all that being said, does it make what we are dealing with now easier or better?  NO!  It's a terrible feeling leaving him like that.  I know too, that we will probably experience this type of thing more times as he gets older.  It's just part of growing up :( but, of course I would love nothing more than to pick him up in my arms and take him home and hold him all day long!  It would only make things harder though.  It's Wednesday night, which means in the morning Tucker will head back to school. (Sigh) I am going to be optimistic though and hope that day # 3 is going to be better in the morning.  I am praying it will be for him and me! Dustin will be home tonight after being out of the country, in the Dominican Republic, for the last week so that alone is going to make things much better too and I will stop eating chocolate chip cookies for dinner!
This picture has nothing to do with this post, but was taken on Wednesday while we grocery shopped and I just loved it!  
Please pray for Tucker boy and Me as we make this can pray for Dustin too, but he deals with this whole change thing a lot better than us :)  I'll give you all an update soon!

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