Monday, June 18, 2012

Vann Family Vacation 2012

Every summer, we go on family vacation with Dustin's dad's side of the family, The Vanns.  It has been hosted in various locations across the Southeast, with the majority of the trips being at the beach.  For the past 2 years now, we have gone to Pensacola Beach, Florida.  Dustin's great aunt and uncle have a beach house there as well, so that makes it more convenient too!  On average, it's around 30 people including Dustin's grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, significant others, dogs, etc...which makes for a very fun, week long vacation!

Our family of 3 headed South last Friday...Tucker is still a great traveler and naps well in the car.
We had dinner out the first night since we were the first family to arrive with Dustin's grandparents and great Aunt & Uncle...dinner was yummy and the view from our table was awesome.

And this is where we resided on the Bay for the past week...
Each individual family took turns cooking dinner every night.  I made Chicken Casserole & Rice served with Salad and Avocado...I felt like I was cooking for the Duggar family making all that food!

We enjoyed lots of sunsets and lots of time playing in the sun and sand :)

We also rode bikes...
Went on wagon rides...
And even caught some fish! :)

We had a wonderful trip and Tucker had so much fun!  He was very busy all week long and had lots of people to keep him entertained :)  We got back on Saturday and celebrated Father's day on Sunday.  The start of this Summer has been so much fun so far and we are looking forward to spending a lot more time at the beach as a family of 3!

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